Technically High are fully CAA qualified to carry out UAV (drone) work. We can undertake aerial aerial work of any kind for your business of personal needs.

Common tasks are:

Aerial filming

Getting a birds’ eye view of anything can give a great overview of what is happening. Aerial filming gives you that view.

Aerial photography

There are many instances where people want pictures of their property from above. Prior to the arrival of UAVs (drones) on the market, this was the domain of the light aircraft. These days, aerial photography is much more cost effective.

Sports photography

The ability to have a stable platform following sports whilst filming or taking stills brings a new dimension. By utilising the stabilisation features of UAVs, we can achieve smooth results and capture action that would otherwise require a great deal of planning and organisation, which is not conducive to recreational sporting activities.

Here is an example of how sports filming can bring a simple activity to life.

Structural surveying

Agricultural surveying

Change monitoring

By taking repeated stills or video imaging from the same point in space over a period of time we can monitor change. This could be purely for interest purposes to see how your house build is progressing or how your garden comes into bloom. It could be to monitor change in a structure over time to ascertain trends. It could be to monitor coastal retreat. There are many uses – you may have your own ideas.

Here is an example of change monitoring using a simple fun video.